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Rugged Routes Announces NEW Lowrance GPS Off Road Maps with Aerial Imagery

Ham radio repeater location maps are also available with data from

If you would like a sample map, Calico, CA is available for free from:

Lowrance HDS and Elite HD GPS units and accessories are also available, All at

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Steven Lutz

Nissan Pathfinder Atlas Transfer Case Install - Time to Crawl



Order your Nissan Atlas Adapter Here.



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Steven Lutz

Weld on Rock Sliders for your Nissan Pathfinder


Trail-Gear sliders can be ordered online here:




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Steven Lutz

Wheeling into 2011 with Rugged Rocks

We're now just a stones throw away from some of the greatest wheeling in the country which includes but isn't limited to the famous Rubicon Trail. Not only does this give us a place to play, but a great area to test new products.

Speaking of testing products, we're looking to putting together a small team of people we'll be referring to as the 'Rugged Rocks Rough Riders' which would consist of people that are extremely active in this Nissan off-road community who wheel often and attend big events such GONE Moab, or even more preferably, compete in 4x4 events. These individual vehicles would help test prototype products, receiving them at little to no cost and would be able to purchase other production Rugged Rocks product at discounted rates. Stickers and other promotional items will be given to the team to champion the growth of Rugged Rocks at events and trail runs.

We're more immediately looking to test product on the following vehicles:

'87 - '95 Pathfinder

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Steven Lutz

ARB M226 Air Locker Install - '05 Nissan Xterra

A few weeks ago I got a call from ARB's marketing department letting me know about their new M226 air locker, one of which was flown in early from Australia and they wanted to know if Rugged Rocks Off Road would be willing to help them out with the first M226 Locker install in North America and let them know how it goes making note of anything special that had to be done.

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