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Take That MIG Welder To Go With Hobart's Portable CO2 Cylinder Kit

Hobart Welding Products redefines MIG welding mobility with the introduction of a Portable CO2 Cylinder Kit. An affordable alternative to heavy gas cylinders, the kit enhances welder portability and convenience. Compatible with many popular MIG welders, the kit is sold separately, (MSRP $119) or bundled with Hobart's Handler 140, (MSRP $599).

Appleton, WI (PRWEB, April 2, 2009 -- Until now, not many small MIG welders could be picked up and easily moved when attached to a heavy, bulky gas cylinder. Hobart Welding Products introduces their solution: a Portable CO2 Cylinder Kit that is compatible with many popular MIG welders and now comes bundled with Hobart's Handler 140. The kit's 20-oz. paintball cylinder improves the portability of small MIG welders by taking the place of a traditional 15-lbs., 20-cu. ft. gas cylinder, and is ideal for farmers, maintenance and repair professionals, home hobbyists and anyone who needs the extra mobility.

Compatible with many popular MIG welders, Hobart's Portable CO2 Cylinder Kit is sold separately, MSRP $119, or comes bundled with Hobart's Handler 140 MSRP $599.
Compatible with many popular MIG welders, Hobart's Portable CO2 Cylinder Kit is sold separately, MSRP $119, or comes bundled with Hobart's Handler 140 MSRP $599.
Highlights/Key Facts
Affordable and Convenient
The simple paintball cylinder design is an affordable and convenient alternative to bulky gas cylinders and can be refilled at most sporting goods stores for about $3. The kit can be mounted on Hobart's Handler 140, 187 and 210 models and can be adapted to fit many other popular MIG welders, connecting with the supplied hose and patented fixed-flow regulator--no adjustments needed.

A full CO2 cylinder will deliver roughly 40 minutes of continuous arc time on mild steel. Using CO2 as a shielding gas offers the advantage of providing better penetration during the weld with minimal spatter due to Hobart's patented design.

"We were pleasantly surprised with the arc quality using CO2," says Chris Croatt, product manager, Hobart Welding Products. "The real benefit is the portability. Welders can now get the most from their small MIG units by not having them connected to a large, heavy tank."

The Portable CO2 Cylinder Kit contains:

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