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Photo by Harry Wagner
Rio Tek, Canaima National Park
Harry Wagner
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Photo by Harry Wagner Venezuelan Tepui of Roraima
Explore Canaima National Park and ascend the 8700 foot tepui (plateau) of Roraima amidst waterfalls, sandstone formations, and giant sinkholes with Harry Wagner on his return trip to Venezuela.
Photo by Rob Tait A Weekend on the Shores of Australia
The Taits decide to take a little trip to the coast of Australia in "The Truck." Five Rocks, Three Rivers, and some really big dunes await them.
Photo by Shirley Chan Hey You, Get Offa My Cloud, Claim Jumper's Gold Rush Weekend
Robert McKenney and his pals take on camping, gold panning, lewd ladybugs, and more in the Gold Rush era town and California State Park, Malakoff Diggins.
Photo by Andrew Zook Travelogue: Costa Rica!
4x4Wire Toyota Section staffer C. Andrew Zook embarked on a "No-Itinerary" adventure to Costa Rica for his Summer vacation. Volcanoes, crocodiles, and the local San Jose nightlife accounted for just a portion of his mini adventure.
Crane Flat or Bust A Walk in the Park
Read Robert McKenney's hilarious tale about his misadventures one weekend in Yosemite National Park. See how he survives the ordeal and thwarts his evil roommate's sinister plot to bring about his early demise.
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Read previously featured adventure stories and informative articles on other outdoor destinations, such as Alaska, Cerro Gordo, Canada, Mount Shasta, and more!

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