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Badlands Off-Road Adventures 2017 calendar

Much of the Badlands Off-Road Adventures 2017 calendar is now posted on the web site. There is still some fine tuning required. We do not have enough tire repair clinics scheduled.  We have one more adventure trip scheduled before the end of the year: the T&T Railroad. October marks the beginning o...

New Tire Repair and Hi-lift Jack Mini Clinic just added for August

We still have people on the list for the class scheduled for July that we cannot fit into the class.  To take care of them and to allow any others the opportunity, we are adding another Tire Repair and Hi-lift Jack Mini Clinic to the schedule for August. This 4 hour clinic will provide you with the...

Winch Recovery Bandana back in stock!

We now have all six colors of our Winch Recovery Bandana back in stock! [img]images/image003-1.jpg[/img]The Winch Recovery Bandana layout follows the “Vehicle Recovery Plan” with pathways to more detail. A unique section of the Bandana, gives the steps for a “Winch Rigging Check: Walk through” so ...

Frequently Asked Cooling Questions

What is the function of a radiator? When a car is driven, the engine generates enough heat to destroy itself. Because of this, your car is equipped with a cooling system to protect against damage and keep the engine within the correct operating temperature range. The radiator, an integral part of ...

October edition of UFWDA eNews released

Welcome to the monthly UFWDA 4x4 news update. Headlines Sand Lick Road Update Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival Coral Pink Sand Dunes Minnesota Hunting Season OHV Restrictions 8 Stunning Fall Drives through a National Forest SnoFari January 24 / 25 2014 Toys for Tots WOHVA Up...
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