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May you live in interesting times

As the old Chinese curse has it: “May you live in interesting times,”.  While the Chinese connection is subject to much debate, the phrase is very appropriate given the chaotic actions of the current times.

Today, President Trump announced that the United States will pull out of the Paris Accord.  And, collective gasps and frantic blustering predicting apocalyptic catastrophe quickly filled the air.

So, what does that mean for OHV recreation?  Well, for starters, you will have access for fuel. And, there will still be manufacturing capacity to product the next whiz-bang must have 4x4 mod.

And, the weather will still changes and the earth makes if sojourn around the sun… 

The Paris Accord had little to do with climate change and much to do with redistribution of wealth.  And, the USA sits at the top with accumulated “wealth” that is the envy of the world and they want it redistributed.

Well, thank-you President Trump.  You stood up and put the world on notice that America First is in order.  If America is successful, the world will be successful.

That still does not resolve the issue of climate change and the rapid move to abandon the use of fossil fuels.

Within that context, motorized recreation is a target and will continue to be a target.  States (notably California) and cities are stepping up to support the climate change mantra of the Paris Accord.  

And, you will pay for the folly through increased taxes and high cost of things you buy.

On the bright side, U.S. energy production is up.  Less foreign oil is be imported.  as the summer recreation season approaches, tune your engines, fill your tank and enjoy the great outdoors. We are living in interesting times….

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