Goodyear Extreme Rock Crawling Championship

ARCA Championship Scoring Rules

ARCA Series points are different than the scores for individual events. In individual events, as detailed in the rules, competitors shoot for the lowest scores; but for the championship series points, the winner has the highest number of points. Event points reset to zero after each event, while championship series points accrue from event to event. Each contestant earns a ten-point base for participating in an event, plus reward points based on final standing. The winner of each event gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 98 points, 3rd place gets 96 points, and so on. Thus, the winner of an event gets 110 points (10 base points plus 100 reward points), and the 5th place driver gets 100 points (10 base points plus 90 reward points).

For the Farmington event, ARCA had to find a fair way of incorporating scoring for the two normal days of competition, as well as the final day. The only fair way to do this was to score the first two days and the finals as if they were independent competitions, with separate points. At the end of the first two days, the standard reward points were calculates, with the first place earning 100 points, 2nd place getting 98 points, 3rd place getting 96 points, and so on. The top 12 also competed in a final day of intensive competition and received bonus points based on their places. The top scoring finalist received 26 bonus points, 2nd place earned bonus 24 points, 3rd place earned 22 bonus points, and so on, down to the twelfth driver, who received bonus 4 points. These bonus points rewarded the drivers who finished in the top 12, but didn't boost them up beyond the reach of the other teams that only received the standard reward points. As with all ARCA events, all participants received their ten-point base just for participating. For example, in Farmington, Jeff Waggoner earned 100 reward points for the lowest score in the first two days, plus 18 bonus points for the 5th-lowest score in the third day of competition, along with 10 points for showing up... all for a total of 128 points, and the lowest net score from the Farmington event. Shannon Campbell earned 88 reward points for the 7th-lowest score in the first two days, plus 26 bonus points for the best score in the third day of competition, along with 10 points for showing up, for a total of 124 points. Chris Durham earned 98 reward points for his tie for the 2nd-lowest score in the first two days, plus 10 bonus points for the 9th score in the third day of competition, along with 10 points for showing up, for a total of 118 points.

The highest score at the end of the series earns the number one plate for the following year... as well as year-long bragging rights.