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1995 Toyota 4Runner Limited, 4WD, 3.0 Liter, 6 Cylinder, 5-Speed

Solid Axle Swap with 3" Alcan lift leaf springs, Doetsch Tech Pre-runner shocks
Old Man Emu "860" Medium Load 2.5" Lift Coils (FJ-80 Land Cruiser rear coils)
All-Pro Upper and Lower Control Arm Links
Pro-Comp Panhard Rod Lowering Bracket (Passenger's Side)
SkelleyBilt Panhard Rod Raise Bracket (Driver's Side)
Doetsch Tech Pre-runner shocks

Land Cruiser coils on a 4Runner?

I was looking for a little more lift than my Downey HD 1.5" coils and 2.5" All-Pro spacer could provide. With the SAS up front, the 4Runner was riding a little nose high. My plan is to run some 35's soon, so I felt that a little added lift in the rear would help to both level the truck and make more room for the bigger meats. I had heard that FJ-80 Land Cruiser coils would fit, but had heard conflicting stories as to how much lift they provide. So 2 sets of FJ-80 coils were located and I decided to find out for myself.

Fortunately, the first set I tried seems to have fit the bill. With the help of some loaner coil spring compressors (strut compressors actually), the OME 860's fit like a glove and seem to have given me a little over 5" of lift. They ride great and seem to flex pretty well as you can see in the pictures below. I do notice a little added sway in the ride, but that's to be expected with added lift. I do also feel a very slight increase in drive line vibration, but may be able to fix this by adjusting the length of my upper control arm links to adjust my pinion angle.

Definitely consider these coils if you want a little more than the 4" of lift that several kits provide. Keep in mind that as with any lift this big, you may need to tweak a few things. For example, I wouldn't run this much lift without the extended control arm links, or the panhard rod relocation brackets. You may also need to get your rear drive shaft lengthened, although I didn't have to, perhaps owing to my Marlin Crawler t-case, which moves the rear output flange backwards 1.5".

Below are a few pictures of the coils:

New Stance One view of the coil (and upper control arm) Another view of the coil (and Pro-Comp bracket) Panhard brackets and coils A quick flex pic

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