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1995 Toyota 4Runner, 4WD, 3.0 Liter, 6 Cylinder, 5-Speed

Rancho 5000 shocks

Rancho 5000 shocks
Downey Heavy Duty Springs

Downey Coils & Rancho Shocks.

As far as suspension modifications to my 1995 4Runner SR5 5-speed go, I have: Downey rear heavy duty coils (with brake proportioning valve relocation bracket), and Rancho 5000 shocks. The front end is stock torsion bars un-cranked and Rancho 5000 shocks. I am very happy with the rear Downey coils and would definitely purchase them again. Unfortunately, I did not put the coils on myself, but have not had any problems with them. The Rancho's have been pretty good shocks, but I kind of wish I would have saved up some more money to buy Bilstein's. Oh well, they are fine for now. I did install the shocks, along with the help of a friend, and boy was it a PITA. But, that is also what everyone always says about this job. The coils have made a great improvement in the stance of my rig, and have made the rear end pretty darn stiff. I did not crank the front torsion bars up at all when the coils were put in - I kind of like the look of having the rear slightly higher. The Rancho's have handled like I figured any other aftermarket shock would - not as much dive during hard braking, and a little less body sway.

Downey Coils Front View Lifted Stance

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