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1999 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Highlander, 4WD, 3.4 Liter, 6 Cylinder, Automatic

Addco heavy duty sway bars

Addco heavy duty sway bars

Addco front and rear sway bars.

My vehicle is a 1999 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Highlander 4x4 3.4L V-6 Automatic. I currently have a completely stock spring, shock, wheel and tire set-up. I chose to install Addco's performance sway bars to help improve the on road handling of my truck. My goal was to achieve decreased body roll of a near 4,000 lb., high center of gravity vehicle during cornering and these bars do exactly that. The Addco sway bars are a straight forward bolt on installation type kit. It comes with all the parts necessary for the install except for the proper mounting hardware such as bolts, nuts and washers, which you must provide yourself. The package can be installed at home by one person working with basic hand tools. Addco's front and rear bars are 224% and 319% stiffer than stock respectively. After installing them I noticed they worked well with my stock suspension. I could feel the performance handling improve immediately as body roll was nearly eliminated. After a while the stiffer polyurethane bushings they come with, will begin to squeak and I would recommend lubing them with marine grade waterproof grease. Overall these sway bars do work as intended and they are a cost effective and easy way to flatten your ride through the turns. Also they do inspire a little more confidence and you can take turns a little faster then you would otherwise. I can only recommend them for users who like myself drive mainly on road, as the improved ride control does have drawbacks. First of all if you encounter roads which are very bumpy or rough the ride can become harsh at times. Light off roading with the bars installed have not been a problem for me. But because the sway bars connect both the left and right sides of the suspension together, it reduces their independence, making your vehicle lift a wheel much faster off road as obstacles are encountered. Quick disconnecting sway bar end links may be an option one would want to explore while off roading to return all available articulation.

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