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Toyota Tech: Toyota SUV Suspension Lift Collaboration
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1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5, 4WD, 3.4 Liter, 6 Cylinder, Automatic

Stock Toyota front springs
Revtek 3" Spacers
Rockstomper front sway bar disconnects

Stock Toyota rear springs
Revtek 3" Spacers


Revtek 3" Suspension Lift Review:

I purchased the Revtek lift online for $315.

What you get for the money:
4 cast metal spacers for the front (2 per side)
6 Replacement Studs (3 per side)
2 polyurethane rear spacers.



My father and I installed this lift in about 4 hours. Installation is very straight-forward following Revtek's instruction sheet. On the front, there are 2 spacers to be installed. One is about an 1.5 inches thick and the other about 0.5 inch thick. The thicker of the two goes inside of the coil pack. The smaller spacer goes above the coil top plate. Compressing the springs is the most difficult part of the front install. The rear spacers are easier to install than the front. Simply compress the rear coil, drop the spacer on top of the compressed coil and your done.

The lift amount:

After installation, I measured about 2.5 inches in the front and about 2.75 in the rear. Not 3" like the lift is supposed to give you. I'm not sure why this is. Another person on the Forum swore he got a full 3" out of this lift. I'm sure with any vehicle the lift amount will vary a bit. 1 year after installation - my lift has settled to around 2.25" front and rear.

The ride:

On-road: The ride in general is a little stiffer (this could also be from the larger tires). For me, though, it isn't too bad. I am also using the stock Toyota shocks with lots of miles on them. I have no vibrations at highway speeds. There is however an issue with loss of droop with a spacer lift. I generally notice this when the front tires drop down quickly - like going fast over large speed bumps. Also, of course the ride height has improved - sitting a few inches higher improves visibility in traffic.


I've been very pleased with the off-road performance of this lift. The added clearance of the lift and tires has kept me from dragging differentials over rocks that stock 4runners have scraped over. So, overall no problems with the lift on or off-road.


With this lift I was able to put 285/75 R16 All Terrain tires on my truck. I have a a '97 4Runner with the SR5 trim package. I have no real issues with tire rubbing on the front or rear - on or off-road.

Odds and Ends:

My only issue has been the grease leaking from inner CV boots. I can't say whether this is caused by this specific lift or the lift process in general, but was easily fixed with inexpensive hose clamps. Overall I am impressed with the lift, and would recommend it to anyone wanting a spacer lift option. I believe this lift is a viable option for both street 4Runners and off-road 4Runners.

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