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1995 Toyota 4Runner, 4WD, 3.0 Liter, 6 Cylinder

Rancho 9000 Shocks
25mm Sway-A-Way Torsion bars

Rancho 9000 Shocks
Downey Heavy Duty Springs

Downey coil review:

When I got my 4Runner back in 1997 I noticed that the rear end sags and all the other 4Runners I have seen have the familiar butt sag. So I searched the internet and found a lot of talk about Downey springs. So I ordered the springs, and Jim Brink helped me install the springs. (Thanks Jim) That really cured the infamous butt sag.  At first I had KYB Gas-A-Just on my truck. Adding the springs made the ride harsh.  So I immediately ordered Rancho 9000 shocks. After installing the Ranchos, ride was a lot better.

Sway-A-Way torsion bar review:

A few weeks later I also installed the Sway-A-Way torsion bars up front. I cranked the torsion bars 15 fender to rim, to get more lift. While installing the Sway-A-Way torsion bars, I also installed low profile bump stops all around. With the Sway-A-Way torsion bars it made the front ride harsh too.  So I installed the Rancho 9000 shocks up front as well.

Beta Rockstomper swaybar disconnects:

After a few years of wheeling, I got an offer to beta test the Rockstomper Sway bar disconnects. After installation, wheel travel is much more improved without the sway bars connected especially the front. I also added a rear custom bumper with tire carrier. After installing the heavy rear bumper my butt sagged an inch. So I ordered the AllPro 2.5 wheel spacers, ProComp 4 pan hard drop bracket, Downey extended rear bump stops and longer Rancho 9000 shocks. After installing all these, my rear sits a little higher now. But if I loaded it up with off-road and camping gear my truck sits pretty level. Overall I am very happy with my present setup.

All Pro Spacers Big Bear

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