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2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5, 4WD, 3.4 Liter, 6 Cylinder, 5-Speed

Sway-A-Way Race Runner Coilovers
Thermonuclear "20 Megaton Performance" front sway bar disconnects
SMC Stainless Braided brake lines

Old Man Emu Heavy Duty Springs and Comfort Shocks
SMC Stainless Braided brake lines


My first desirable modification was to find a durable suspension lift for the Runner. This was quite a difficult task, and for the longest time I felt like a neglected little childas no one made a lift for the 00 Runner. Then one night, I stumbled upon and the abundance of information blew my mind. After plenty of research and calling vendors, I made a decision to purchase the Sway-A-Way coilovers to lift the front end and OME HD to lift the rear. This compilation of parts (this is no kit) provided me with the best of all compromisesa perfect ride a decent ride height. I opted against lifts involving spacers and body lift pucks, as these provide no better ride over the stock configuration.

The parts needed for the front-end were very easy to obtain. I ordered my Sway-A-Way coilovers [mfg part # -- 52000-108-5] from Camburg Engineering (1-714-848-8880) out of California. The springs are 650ppi, with a height adjustable base. I decided to go with this setup in order to adjust for front ride-height differences incorporated with adding a functional bumper / winch combo to the front of the Runner. At purchase, the coilovers had a schraeder valve which could possibly be knocked off during full steering lock / droop by the brake line going into the front calipers [when the front end is disconnected]. Since my purchase, I have sent the coilovers back to Sway-A-Way to have the schraeder valve recessed and to have the shock valving reworked to Tundra settings. My reasoning for this was to reclaim my front-end stability with the addition of a steel bumper / winch combination. Sway-A-Way did this conversion under warrantyit is important to note here that all new products come with the schraeder valve already recessed.

I have also installed a set of NUKE disconnects on the front end of the Runner. One word...Kaboom! These have got to be the easiest, most robust disconnects I have ever laid my eyes upon. IFS is not the most flexible drive train setup, which makes a set of disconnects for off road capability a must.

The parts needed for the rear-end were just as easy to obtain as the parts for the front. I contacted Jessie Rodriguez at Sterling McCall Toyota (1-800-231-1440) out of Houston, TX., and put in an order for my OME HD springs [mfg part # -- OME 891] and comfort shocks [mfg part # -- N86C]. The installation is moderately easy, so I will not indulge into that level of details here. The ride is very nice, although, with the addition of a new metal bumper in the rear of my Runner, I have a little more sway in fast cornersnothing more than what would be expected by increasing the center of gravity by about 3.

With the addition of added ride height relative from the hub center to the frame, I decided it was time for some more robust and lengthy brake lines. I went with several recommendations, and chose to purchase some custom length (2 over stock) SMC Stainless Braided. These can be custom ordered to fit your truck at (1-949-369-5223). I feel much safer rompin the Runner knowing that I have stronger and longer brake lines.

Suspension Flex

The afore mentioned suspension setup is capable of providing the 4Runner / Tacoma owner with one of the most impressive IFS flexible suspensions out there. This does not take into account the addition of new lengthened A-Arms, which would require sincere modification of the drive train (including drive shafts). I have included some pictures below to show all of the modifications to the Runner, as well as the Runner flexing on a 20 RTI ramp. As mentioned above, I have been very impressed with the capabilities of the Runners new suspension modifications. The limits are about maxed out for improving the current overall geometry of the suspension; therefore improved suspension beyond the current will require new geometry. All in all, Id have to say that Im very satisfied for the effort put forth this far.

Articulation Ramp

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