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2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited, 4WD, 3.4 Liter, 6 Cylinder, Automatic

Old Man Emu HD springs and shocks
Northwest Off Road sway bar disconnects
Addco Heavy Duty front swaybar

Old Man Emu springs and shocks
Addco Heavy Duty rear swaybar

Old Man Emu Shocks and Coils, Bilstein Shocks, North West Off Road Disconnects, Addco Sway Bars.

1. I was not satisfied with a handling of the original suspension, I got Bilstein HD duty shocks and ADDCO front and rear bar. The ride handling improved a lot. However I didn't have enough ground clearance so I started looking for a lift.

2. After doing a long research I decide to go with OME springs. I got Heavy Duty springs, model 881 and for the rear I got regular, model 890. Total lift was 2.75 inch in front and 3 inch rear. Ground clearance was definitely improved. However I was not satisfied with the ride qualify. Runner was bottoming out when going over speed bumps and the ride was harsh on me and passengers. I was determine to find a solution and called ARB they recommended me to get OME shocks because their shocks are low pressure and much softer than Hi pressure Bilstein. Also they told me that they have 2 type of shocks: regular and soft valving and it would be better if I get soft valving for the rear(regular springs) and regular valving for the front (HD springs). So I order them from Rocky Road Outfitters and in 2 weeks they were at my door. Installation took me around an hour. After a test drive I was very impressed with a ride comfort and handling. I was finally happy and satisfied.

3. ADDCO sway bar helps to maintain stability on the road after getting so much more lift.

4. I added front sway bar disconnects which I purchased from NWOR for around $76 (let me know if you need a part#). I have them for about a year and I am very happy, they make little clicking noise when going over speed bumps, but you can barely hear that. Disconnecting them takes less than a minute. Connecting them back very easy.

5. For the rear sway bar I switch to wing nut instead of a regular nut, so now it is very easy to disconnect rear bar.

6. I am probably will be adding 1 inch spacers for the front since I am adding an ARB Sahara bar in the near future.

Front Springs Rear Springs Front OME

Rear OME NWOR Disconnects In Action

Side View Addco Brackets

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