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2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited, 4WD, Supercharged 3.4 Liter, 6 Cylinder, Automatic

Bilstein HD Shocks
First Generation Cornbred 1.5" Spacers
Performance Products 1" coils

Bilstein HD Shocks
Cornbred 2" rear spacers
Performance Products 1" coils

Formula: Bilsteins, PP springs, Cornbreds 1.5" front, 2" rear

On my previous 4Runner I had the Performance Products 1" lift springs. The ride was very comfortable and the truck had a very nice stance. After about a year I wanted to go higher and get larger tires. The Cornbred spacers were very popular with Tacoma owners so I contacted David. I soon received one of the first sets of spacers developed for the 4Runner. Unfortunately a few weeks later my 4Runner was involved in an accident.

When I got the new 4Runner, not many people were lifting their trucks and having the spacers already, I decided to go with my original thoughts. I bought a set of used PP 1" springs to go along with Bilstein shocks and the Cornbred spacers (1.5" front and 2" rear).

The lift combination gave the truck a very aggressive stance. I ended up with 23.5" in front, fender lip to center of the hub, and 24" in the rear. With the addition of 285/75R16 Goodyear MTR tires, I was ready to roll.

On-road this setup is pretty good but it has stiffened up the truck a bit too much. You do feel the bumps. Off-road the added height helps along with the 33" tires. Articulation is very limited. Stiffness and lack of articulation is due to the spacer/spring combo, too much preload of the progressive rate springs.

Right now there are more 4Runner owners with lifted trucks and I am researching which lift setup will give me the height I want, improve ride quality and off-road capability.

Front setup. Nice stance
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