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1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5, 4WD, 3.4 Liter, 6 Cylinder, 5-Speed

Old Man Emu Heavy Duty springs and Soft valved shocks

Old Man Emu Heavy Duty springs and Soft valved shocks

The springs are Old Man Emu Heavy Duty (they also have a Medium Duty)
The shocks are Old Man Emu Soft Valved (there is also a Firm Valved shock available)

I have had the suspension for a year now and found that it works well. The front springs have settled about an inch. The rear springs settled slightly but not like the front ones. I have found that carrying my normal camping gear and off-road gear causes the rear to level out just fine. The ride isn't quite as stiff as when the shock were first installed. Also, I am not running any rear sway bar. I have found that I can live with the increased body motion. It gives only a minimum of travel inthe rear (maybe .5") but it takes a lot of the "truck" ride out of the rear.

I have only had one problem up to this point, the stud on top of the right rear shock broke off on a trip to Moab. It was replaced by ARB without any hassle.

For the future I am going to be replacing the front springs with OME 882 springs. They have the same spring rate as the 881's (HD's) but are supposed to give more lift. I will be putting a bumper and winch on and hopefully this will account for the added weight. Next summer I will look into putting SAW's on if the OME's don't provide enough support.

Update, 12-23-2002:
I installed an ARB Tacoma winch bumper and Superwinch X9. This combination basically negated the lift that I got from the OME Heavy Duty springs in the front. I did start to expirience some sag in the front to begin with and the extra weight of bumper and winch really brought the front down. I originally planned on adding the 882's to the front to get more lift and I was going to add spacers in the back. Now with everything done I am glad that I didn't. After the winch and bumper were installed I had a local 4x4 shop install the OME 882's. They lifted the front 2" exactly. The truck now sits level with nothing loaded in the back. Here are some notes of cautionabout the 882's:

- They are the same spring rate as the 881's. I will agree with this, they feel just like the 881's.
- Do not install these on a 4Runner unless you are adding a lot of weight to the front (ie. winch and bumper).
- I had a vibration starting at 35 mph. This went away after I installed a diff drop kit from Sonoran Steel.
-I expect that these will settle a bit in the future.

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